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  • Name: Super fine crushing rotary disk crusher
  • Model: c19
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Product features: This type of crushing machine is a new type of cone crusher based on the improvements American rotary disc crusher, which is dedicated to finely homework. The machine features: 1, optimize the type of crushing chamber, broken with a more fine granularity, prolong the service life of the plate.2, hydraulic tightening system, convenience of adjusting the discharge port. 3, the sealing performance is better, the life of wearing parts is long. 4, high speed, high crushing efficiency. 5 wearing parts mostly are copper parts, and maintenance costs are high.

Bigger size of Briken taper 
Max size of mineral admiteed
Width of Exit
Motor power of feed
Regulating soeed
Total pressure of spring
Total weight
Model power(kw) 
φ600 <45 3-13 10-20 ~ ~ 40 5874 Y200L2-6 22
φ900 <60 6-13 15-50 1.5 10000-2000 70 13868 JS115-6 75
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